Planning For The Sale

The Story Behind The Sale

There are different reasons why homes are sold, some genuine and some for all the wrong reasons. Any prospective buyer would be curious as to why one would want to sell or dispose off a home if it has all the great qualities marketed. The first question they ask is ” Why is the owner selling?”

This is understandable since they do not want to purchase a troublesome or risky home. Your answer to their genuine concerns is fundamental in their making a decision as to whether they will buy or not. Without a good answer, buyers will imagine the worst. Some of their concerns might include:

  • The condition of the place, whether its falling apart.
  • What kind of neighborhood it is and the type of neighbours present.
  • Is there any rubbishdump or highway planned next door?

Providing a genuine reason for laving that inspires confidence in the buyer is essential to your marketing strategy. Your story may be because:

  • You are moving to be closer to family.
  • You are moving to be closer to work.
  • Your family has grown and hence you require a larger home.

Your goal is to ensure your potential buyers expectations are met and they are comfortable with their decision to buy your home. Be as transparent and open with the marketing of your home. Give them all the background information they need to explain your genuine reasons for moving in a way that is assuring and transparent to prospective buyers.

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Planning For The Sale